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Piano movigCourtesy Movers Kansas City has become one of the top piano moving companies in Kansas City and surrounding areas. Moving a piano is not easy work, it takes a trained crew to move the piano properly out of a residence in to its new destination, while taking the steps needed to ensure the move does no damage to the piano.  Pianos vary in sizes and can be difficult to get in and out of rooms due to tight corners, and most times need to be broken down properly for the move.  Our team will not only make sure the piano is moved safely, but put it back together in its new destination spot.  

Our team fully understands that pianos have a special place in our customer's hearts and homes.  If you want your piano moved properly and professionally, Courtesy Movers is the only Piano Moving Company Kansas City you can count on!

We offer a free estimate for your piano move, please fill out our online "Request Quote" form or give us a call!


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When you need help to Move Piano Kansas City then you can rely on the trusted team at Courtesy Movers.  We have earned the trust of the community as a trusted moving company with meticulous care of pianos.  We understand that these instruments (often showcases) in a home are very near and dear to people's hearts, with many pianos being passed down from generation to generation so they can carry deep sentimental values.  Finding the right Piano Moving Help Kansas City is crucial, you do not want to rely on a fly by night moving company that doesn't have the full experience in moving these delicate pieces of equipment.  No matter if its a baby piano, an upright piano, or a grand piano, these can be dangerous to move if not done properly and permanently damaged.  

We offer a free estimate for your piano move, please fill out our online "Request Quote" form or give us a call! We are local and many of our clients
tell us they simply typed in Piano Moving Near Me Kansas City and were glad they found us!


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