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Piano Moving Near Me Kansas City

As we are sure you are aware, moving a piano acn be difficult and requires a team of experienced piano movers such as the team at Courtesy Movers Kansas City!  Our trained staff not only has moved a wide array of pianos but we bring the right equipment need for a safe piano piano.  No matter if you are moving an upright player piano, grand piano to concert grand piano, we have the training and man-power need to move ANY piano.  A piano can weight anywhere between 400 - 1200 lbs, that is why we do not recommend that you try moving it on your own with friends or family.  Not only can there be serious injuries, you could damage the piano to the point that it is irreparable.  

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Treat Your Piano Like a Treasure

The piano moving service provided by Courtesy Movers has earned the trust of the community with all piano moving needs.  These may be one of the most difficult objects to move in a home, not only because pianos play a very important role in people's lives, but because they are delicate to move and if not done correctly can cause serious damage, injury, or even cause the tuning of the piano to be out of place.  

Courtey Movers has the trust and knowledge to move both upright and full-size grand pianos.  Making sure they are disassembled correctly and moved to the destination with no risk of damage to the musical piece and your home.

We offer competitive pricing and the best customer service in the indusry.  

Moving a Piano Properly

When it comes to moving a piano, it is a multi-step process with a lot of moving parts. A lot of work goes in to a piano move, from wrapping and padding to using the correct moving equipment.  This equipment includes:  piano dollies, piano boards, floor protection, ramps, lift-gates as well as properly padded moving trucks.  But most importantly, it does require a group of technicians that have experience in moving pianos.  Our team is ready to move your piano no matter the size and we look forward to providing you exceptional service from beginning to end.  

For many years, Courtesy Movers has become a provden leader in piano moving service throughout Kansas City.  With 100s of piano moves completed, rest assured that Courtesy Movers acn do the job professionally.

Again, pianos can be VERY difficult to move, just the weight and size can be a challenge for any crew.  But we enjoy it and there is nothing more satisfying than a job complete and a happy customer!  So if you are looking for a piano moving company near me, please call us today!

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