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Piano Moving Company Kansas City

Let the moving experts at Courtesy Piano Movers handle your next piano move

As a fully licensed and insured Kansas City piano moving company, our team of moving experts takes precaution to protect your piano on its journey to the new destination.  We utilize all the latest equipment and a decade of expertise to handle all piano moves, even in some of the trickiest situations!

Many ask is how we set our rates. Well that's not a simple answer.  It can vary from piano move to piano move including distance, type of piano you have, how many employees it will take to handle the job, and a few other varying factors.  But that's ok!  This is why when we provide you a free piano moving quote we will ask the necessary questions up front so we understand the full move.  This quote will be firm pricing, you will not surprise you with a bill at the end that is outside of our serviced quote.  

We offer a free estimate for your piano move, please fill out our online "Request Quote" form or give us a call!


piano moving company kansas city

When it comes to moving pianos, this is no easy task!  You can seriously hurt yourself and the people you have helping you.  Some pianos can weigh up to a quarter ton of even more depending on the size, model, type of piano you have.  If a piano isn't moved properly, any loss of balance could not only injure you, but can destroy the piano and your home!

Courtesy Movers: Trained Piano Moving Experts

A simple piano move can create some unexpected challenges, this is why our movers are well-trained in the art of "piano moving", to make sure each and every job we handle is properly moved from start to finish. 

As the years went by and customers began asking us to move pianos more frequently, we really stressed a focus within Courtesy Movers to become the best professional piano moving company in Kansas City.  We were already offering the best quality moving services, so we focused our efforts on pianos as well!

We take pride that we are a family owned business and have the opportunity to help our community with all their piano moving needs.  We have come to love pianos and the meticulous process that it takes to get a piano from 1 destination to the next successfully!   Our team loves to work and we take pride in what we do.  No matter if its a complex set of stairs with an antique piano or a grand piano, we are here to serve you!

Experienced Team of Movers

Being professional is one of our top priorities, and we have a vast array of experience with senstive items.    You can be confident that your piano will be moved safely and delivered to where it needs to go.  Our team will be there on time and we are dependable, this is what sets us apart.  

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