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Kearney Moving Company

When it comes to finding a local Kearney moving company that is reliable, trusted and affordable, look no further than the team here at Courtesy Movers.  Our professional team of movers are local to the Kearney area and take pride in the reputation as a trusted moving company in the community!  Courtesy Movers has over 2 decades in the moving industry and understands how important it is for you to have a company you trust take care of your belongings from your current location to the new destination.  Our team of experts can also provide packing and unpacking services you may need, but most people need us for the "heavy lifting" of furniture, tvs, safes, pianos, and more!

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Your Local Kearney Moving Company

 We are not a fly by night moving company!  Our Kearney moving company is licensed and insured to maintain the highest level of customer service you should expect from a company moving your personal belongings.  As we're sure you're already aware, moving your belongings to a new destination can be stressful!  You may be wondering how you are going to get all your belongings to the new place, or how safe will they be in transport, or how you are going to get really heavy items out of your property and in to a truck then unloading the heavy items.  But it doesn't have to be!  We are trained to take the stress off your back when it comes to moving your belongings, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks so that you are fully read at your new destination.  The day of your move, we will be there on time with the right equipment and the right manpower to make sure your move done is quickly and efficiently.  Just let us know what will be moved and our team will be ready!

kearney moving company

Movers in Kearney, MO

We are very adept movers for services that include:

 Kearney Apartment Moving
Kearney Long Distance Moving
Kearney Piano Moving
Kearney Commercial Moving
and much more!

By using a local Kearney moving company you are minimizing the risk of damage to your belongings as well as possible injury to yourself and those that may be helping you.  Unfortunately we have heard many stories of people trying to move heavy items such as pianos for example, and have had the piano fall and cause severe damage.  Or someone has completely thrown their back out trying to lift a heavy piece of furniture and been injured for weeks (if not months) after.  This is exactly why it takes a trained Kearney moving company that takes pride in what they do, and providing 100% customer satisfaction once all your belongings have reach their destination and been set up as required by you in the new location.  

When you call and let us know what types of items you need moved as well as the layout of the property, we will bring all the necessary moving items such as jam padding, blankets, banister protection, high-grade floor coverings to protect not only your belongings, but the property itself as well.  

Every move is customized to make sure all your belongings are handled the way you deserve!

Don't trust just anyone to handle your valuable possessions. Let our professionally trained team of Kearney movers help you make "A move in the right direction" with Courtesy Movers!

For a free quote for your move, please fill out our "Request Estimate" form or give us a call!


kearney missouri moving company


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