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shawnee moving companyIf you are located in Shawnee and looking for great moving company to help you with your move, Courtesy Movers is here to help!  Serving all of Kansas City, Courtesy Movers has become the areas most trusted moving company providing residential, commercial, apartment and piano moving services for the Shawnee and surrounding areas.  

We have successfully had 100s of moves over the past decade exceeding customers expectations by providing on-time services and a courteous staff.  Our team of experts understands that your belongings are important to you, so we take every necessary precaution to ensure that all belongings will get from start to finish efficiently and without damage.  

Shawnee Residential Moving Company

No matter if you are moving within the area, across town, or to a whole other state, the profesional movers at Courtesy Movers can help you get to your belongings to their destination safely.  

Why not leave the hard work to us? Simply meet us at the door, and then go out on the town for the day. We’ll take care of everything, including:

Providing boxes, pads and other packing materials
Wrapping special items for you to ensure they’re secure
Packing your entire household, deliver it, and unpack it
Giving you organizing tips, checklists, and perform a final sweep for forgotten items
Loading and unloading in a certain order according to your preferences
Providing secure, climate controlled storage for items no longer needed

You may have everything already packed and just looking to get your belongings transported, or you may need help packing, either way just let us know so that when we arrive at your residence we can be prepared to get started! Over 80% of the Courtesy Movers business is from customers who have used our moving services before or have referred someone to us.  We take great pride in this!  There is no better feeling than knowing you did a great job, enough for other people to refer you for their moving needs.

shawnee kansas moving company

Shawnee Apartment Moving Services

As we are sure you're aware, apartment moves can be just as tricky as a home move.  Most apartment commercial properties have stairs and very tight corners to maneuver larger furniture around.  Getting boxes up and down stairs, couches and dressers can not only be exhausting, but also poses a very high chance for injury.  We have completed 100s of apartment moves around the Kansas City area and have become very adept at analyzing your belongings and coming up with the best solution to get them from the property in to the truck and to the next destination!

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