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parkfield piano movingIf you live in the Parkfield area of Kansas City and need help moving a piano, please reach out to Courtesy Movers!  We have become one of the area's top piano moving companies making sure to take care of your valuable possession from the current location to the new destination.   Piano moving is tough!  These intricate pieces of musical instruments can be difficult to move, not only are they heavy, but they need to be broken down properly to move the piece safely.  

No matter if its a baby grand piano or a concert grand piano, Courtesy Movers has the skill and experience to provide full piano moving care so there is no damage on the transport.  Even more important, we don't want you to get hurt trying to move the piano on your own with friends or family, we will always come prepared with trained staff that specialize in piano moving services.

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Piano moving is a multi-step process. A lot of work goes in to a piano move, from properly wrapping and padding the piano to the right equipment to move the piece. Equipment including piano dollies, piano boards, floor protection, ramps, moving trucks, and of course, experienced movers. No matter if it’s a smaller sized piano or a 9.5ft concert grand piano, our team will be able to handle the job in a professional manner.

Parkfield Piano Moving Services

Once we get to your location, our team will inspect the piano for any damage and take pictures.  Our team of piano moving experts will then use thick moving blanets to provide security for even the most delicate of pianos.  We will remove what parts we need in order to transport the piano safely.  The #1 priority is getting your piano to its destination and put back together safely!  

Sizes and Types of Parkfield Piano Moves

Vertical Pianos

When pianos are classifed as vertical pianos, this means the piano is a combination of piano styling, height, size, and position of action.  On average, the height of an upright / cabinet pian is about 52' - 60'.  The vertical piano is considered one of the heaviest pianos weighing in on average about 800 pounds.

A full-size upright piano tends to run about 48' - 52' and contains a full size extended direct blow action.  These types of pianos can vary in size but our team can help you move it safely, taking the strain off your back and shoulders for a stress-free move.

Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are different from vertical pianos primarily because of the length.  Baby grand pianos on average are about 4'6" - 5'6", while a medium sized grand piano is around 5'6" - 6'6", with the large grand piano  coming in at a whopping 6'6" - 7'6".

Ultimately, no matter the size of the piano, the overall process to move a piano is the same.  Courtesy Movers will take all necessary precautions and actions to safely move the piano asset to its new location.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

For a free estimate, please fill out our Request Estimate form or give us a call!



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