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Courtesy Movers specialize in both uprights and grand pianos of all sizes, distances and situations.

Safely moving pianos to a new location is a specialty service that only a few movers in the Overland Park can handle, the team here at Courtesy Movers has become one of the most trusted piano moving companies in the area having successfully moved 100s of pianos efficiently and safely to the new destination.  Pianos are very delicate as even the slightest of damage could cause the piano to be off tune or even simply not functional anymore if not taken care of properly.  We take extreme care when it comes to moving pianos for customers as we know these are valuable pieces not only in terms of financial, but emotional ties.  Our team is trained in moving pianos of all sizes and even in some of the tighest situations to get your piano out of the residence.  This is a service that we take sincere pride in handling and providing the highest quality customer service in the industry!

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When it comes to moving a piano, you need experts who have the right equipment and trained manpower to get the job done safely and efficiently.  Pianos are simply not a piece of furniture in a home, but contain sentimental value, which is why the need to be handled and transported by an experienced and professional Overland Park piano moving team.  When you hire the Overland Park piano movers at Courtesy Movers, we will make sure that your piano move is successful!

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Professional Overland Park Piano Movers

No matter whether you need a full-service Overland Park moving company or specifically just a piano move as a stand alone service, Courtesy Movers takes everything into consideration when planning our piano relocation.  Upon arrival at your residence, we will take precise measurements to ensure a safe transport with no movement.  Our team will also bring the necessary equipment to protect the floors and walls in your home as well.  We would love to earn your business and help you move your piano successfully to its new destination!  In some cases, the piano may be in an apartment which can make it more difficult if you aren't trained in moving a piano up and down stairs and with tight corners.  

You will have a piano moving team leader who will lead the team providing:

Training and Uniformed Professionals
Fully Licensed, Insured, and Bonded service
No Hidden Fees or Charges
Property Protection
Clean Trucks and New Moving Equipment
Scheduling for Your Convenience
A+ BBB Accreditation
Cost-Effective and High-Quality Third-Party Services

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Don’t trust just any local Overland Park movers with your high-value piano, we have experience with everything from grand pianos to baby pianos, each and every size, style and type will be taken care of with extreme care.  

For a free quote for your move, please fill out our "Request Estimate" form or give us a call!


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