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Overland Park Long Distance Moving

If you've moved across town then you understand how difficult that can be.  When it comes to a long-distance move, this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the logistical issues and quick deadlines.   The Courtesy Movers team believes a big move is exciting and something to look forward to!  Our team of long distance moving professionals works hard to be the best Overland Park long distance moving company in the area, with trained staff, equipment, and years of experience needed to remove the stress from your upcoming transition.  It's important for you to understand that Courtesy Movers is trained to take the hassle off your shoulders and make sure that your belongings get to the new destination safely, and in an affordable manner.

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overland park long distance movers

What is a Overland Park Long Distance Move?

Generally a long distance move in Overland Park is a move of more than 50-100 miles.   Long distance moves are also referred to as relocations that cross state lines (inter-state moving), even if the distance is only 20 miles.  Courtesy Movers has successfully moved residents throughout the country, in the moving industry this is also referred to as "cross-country" moving and movers throughout Overland Park should have the capabilities to help you make this transition to your destination.  

Remember, when it comes to a long distance move over 50 miles, its important that you have a reliable and trusted long distance moving company in Overland Park to handle the move successfully to get your belongings safely to the destination and take the stress off you!

As a full-service Overland Park long distance moving provider, we offer a host of services to handle ALL aspects of your move from start to finish.  This will take the stress off you and provide a hands off approach to your relocation, along with a personal Courtesy Mover specialist that will make sure the entire process is delivered on schedule. 

Long Distance Moving Services 

You can customize the level of service you receive to fit your budget but long distance movers in Overland Park can help with:

Loading and unloading
Prep of your home
Professional packing of your entire home
Furniture disassembly/assembly
Unpacking and furniture arrangement

When you decide to use Courtesy Movers for your long distance move, we guarantee the highest level of customer service throughout the entire relocation process, as well as a dedicate project manager to answers all your questions and provide updates as needed.  No matter if its a residential move or an apartment move, we here are here to help!

For a free quote for your move, please fill out our "Request Estimate" form or give us a call!


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