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long distance move kcFinding the right Kansas City moving company for your long distance move is important.  There are a wide array of options when it comes to a long distance moving company in Kansas City, but here at Courtesy Movers, we work hard to separate ourselves from other companies by providing superior service.  Our team is well-trained to handle your long distance move and make the entire process stress free.  We will get your belongings safely from your current property to your new destination, wherever that may be.  You will receive updates throughout the move to help you coordinate the delivery of your belongings so that you can be prepared when they arrive.

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Dedicated Long Distance Moving Trucks

When we undertake your long distance move, we will have a dedicated moving truck for you and your belongings.  You will have a team leader who will coordinate everything from the day of pick up, to the delivery day and time.  Moving can be stressful, that is why we work hard to take the stress off you to allow you focus you time on more important tasks.  We treat your belongings like our own, making sure there is no damage to any of your belongings.  If you have any special requests we will gladly note those and make sure that we follow the requests made are followed.

As a family owned company here in Kansas City, we take pride in helping our fellow residents with all their moving needs.  We understand that moving out of Kansas City can be difficult because of the wide range of tasks you need to complete for a successful move.  

Guaranteed Pick-Up & Delivery Times

When individuals and families are getting ready to prepare for a move, we understand that time is of the essence. You most certainly have been preparing for the Kansas City long distance move, and thinking about moving your belongings is high on the priority list of tasks.  This is why we provide guaranteed pick up times and delivery times, so you can rely on Courtesy Movers to be there when you need us.  This will help you coordinate things on your end and prepare for the moving team to arrive.  Depending on your destination, the average long distance move takes anywhere bewen 7-14 days, but we can provide an accurate estimate when we learn more about your destination.

The team at Courtesy Movers wishes you the best at your new destination and we always appreciate the opportunity to help others get to their new destination safely and without hassle.  

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We take great pride in our long distance moving services and also providing long distance interstate moving Kansas City services, no matter where you are going, we can help!

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