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As the old saying goes, moving home is one of the most stressful things in life (along with the death of a loved one and divorce). 

However, if your move also involves relocating a piano, then the thought of doing so can be enough to give you sleepless nights. 

Some of these bad boys weigh well over 1,000 pounds. So, unless you count the likes of Creed Humphrey, Joe Thuney, Trey Smith, Jawaan Taylor and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line as friends to help you out, it's a good idea to hire professional piano movers.

That’s where we come in!

Moving your prized possession from your old home to your new home carries with it a major responsibility which not every company has the skills, equipment or experience to manage.

If you are about to move home and are in the market for a removal company, here's how we can help you.

Why Hire a Piano Mover?

For the average Kansas City resident or business owner, moving a piano is an incredibly difficult task.

Not only does their sheer size and weight make lifting it extremely burdensome, but there are also techniques and other considerations relating to the health and safety of both you and the general public that need to be adhered to.

At Courtesy Movers, we have the experience, expertise and equipment to help you move your piano safely anywhere in Kansas City, Missouri or the USA.

Additionally, a company like ours are also highly experienced at driving trucks around the City of Fountains, when transporting delicate goods.

For instance, we know the turns, corners and contours of KC’s roads well, and what speeds are required to navigate them to ensure your instrument is transported safely.

What Pianos Can We Move?

Pianos come in all shapes and sizes including upright, grand, electronic and digital. All of which are best shifted by a specialty piano moving service.

At Courtesy Movers, we have over a decade of experience in moving these instruments both locally within Kansas City and out of state.

If you are moving home and own any of these types of pianos, we can help you move them safely, efficiently and with the highest levels of protection.

Upright Pianos

  • Console Piano

  • Spinet Piano

  • Studio Piano

Grand Pianos

(Grand Pianos are classified according to their size)

  • Petite Grand

  • Baby Grand

  • Medium Grand

  • Professional Grand

  • Parlor Grand

  • Concert Grand and Semi-Concert Grand

How Much Can You Expect to Spend?

The process of moving a piano is very involved, which makes the cost of doing so very different for each customer as it depends on a range of factors.

These include the following:

Weight and Size

As you might expect, the weight and size of the piano has a major impact on how much it will cost to move it.

Typically, heavier and larger pianos, such as grand and concert pianos often require more specialized equipment and resources to move than a console or spinet piano. This is particularly true if the move involves lifting the piano into a multi-story window.

We give all our customers a full quote which includes weight and size, which enables them to budget more accurately for the move.


Distance is another factor to add to the equation. If you are moving locally, for instance to Overland Park or Shawnee, the cost of moving the instrument is likely to be cheaper than if you were relocating it a long distance.

Overall, longer moves, such as those out-of-state, require more detailed planning, often specialist resources and even potentially extra costs, such as overnight stays, increased fuel and insurance.

Steps, Floors and Windows

If your instrument needs to be taken up or down stairs or floors, particularly in high-rise buildings, you will incur higher costs than if you are moving into a single level, ground floor property.

Likewise, if the piano is too big to be taken through a door and therefore will need to be taken through windows, you will be quoted a higher rate too.

This is because undertaking these practices requires the use of elevators, stairs and specialized heavy equipment like cranes or lifts, which we often need to rent ourselves.

Time of Move

The time of your move will affect how much you will need to pay for the service of relocating your instrument.

If you plan to move home at the weekend, at night or during the holidays most piano movers will charge more than they otherwise would if you were moving during the regular working week.

Expedited Service

Generally speaking, you’ll be quoted a lower price if you confirm the booking a few weeks ahead of your moving date.

However, we understand that sometimes this is not possible. So, if you find yourself in a position where you need to move a piano very quickly, we might be able to book an expedited service.

If you do this, you will need to pay extra to secure this expedited service.

Reasons To Choose Courtesy Movers

You might be wondering why you should hire the services of Courtesy Movers to transport your instrument for you.

Well, here are eight compelling reasons you should do so:

  1. We are a Kansas City company with 10 years of experience in moving pianos for KC locals.
  2. Our company specialises in transporting all types of pianos for residential, commercial and apartment moves within Kansas City and the wider state of Missouri.

  3. As well as local moves, we also specialize in moving pianos long distance to locations anywhere in the USA.

  4. All our staff go through highly technical training courses that equip them with the skills, knowledge and techniques to safely move your belongings in a fast, responsible and safe way.

  5. We offer our customers a full or partial packing service. Therefore, if they don’t want to pack up their piano themselves, we can do it for them.

  6. Thanks to our simple quote system our costs are very transparent. By using it, we ensure our customers do not incur any hidden fees and can therefore save a lot of money and time on our service.

  7. We currently have over 150 five-star reviews on Google from satisfied customers who have been impressed by the quality of service we have provided them with.

  8. At Courtesy Movers, we have built our business on exceeding the expectation of our clients, while building positive relationships with our community. We will do everything we can to do the same for you.

What To Do Next?

If you need a piano moved from your home, apartment or office - whether that be in Kansas City or anywhere in the USA – you can request a quote from Courtesy Movers here.

Alternatively, for general enquiries or to speak to one of our friendly staff, please contact us today on 816-668-4429.


Are specialty piano movers worth hiring?

Given its awkward size, and the logistics involved in packing and transporting a piano, particularly up or down stairs, specialty piano movers are definitely worth hiring, if you are moving home.

By hiring a professional company like Courtesy Movers, you will save a lot of time and hassle, while significantly reducing your risk of damage – either to your prized possession or the home you are moving in and out of.

How much do piano movers cost to hire?

If you want to hire a piano mover the actual cost will depend on various factors including the size and weight of the instrument, the distance to where you are moving to and whether there are any special requirements, for example, negotiating stairs.

You should get a fully itemised quote before hiring a company. But as a general guide, it might cost you around $200 to $300 for a move locally, to $2000+ if you are relocating a long distance.