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Packing Bowls for a Move

When you think about how to pack bowls for moving, you need to consider two main factors:

1.  Keeping them save from breaking, scratches and other damages
2.  Packing them in a way that saves space

packing bowls for move kansas city

How to pack bowls for moving in a safe and space-saving way

When you open your kitchen cabinet, you will probably find that you have already figured out the space-saving part of packing (or in this case storing) your various bowls: You don’t just put them next to each other on a shelf. Instead, you store them in a “nesting” style. This means you stack them in such a way that the larger bowl comes first, then you put a smaller bowl into the large one, then an even smaller bowl into the small one, and so on.

If your bowls are particularly delicate or prone to scratching, you might even add a protective layer of paper towel or bubble wrap between the bowls.

Good news: This already covers the basics of how to best pack them for your move. All you need to do now is add a few additional safety measures, and you are good to go!

When in doubt, pack your bowls like you would pack your other dishes

If you have read our blog post about packing dishes for moving, you are pretty much good to go regarding those safety measures that prevent damages during transport.

Bowls come in a variety of materials and can serve different purposes in different parts of the house:

meal serving

It is probably self-explanatory that a crystal fruit bowl requires more careful packing than bowls made of wood or plastic. A cheap plastic bowl might even be used to help protect other smaller items.

One more organizational tip: You might feel tempted to pack all your existing bowls together in one box in the “nesting” way described above. While this does save space, it usually makes more sense to pack them according to the area of your home where there will be used (kitchen, family room, bathroom, etc.)

We pack and move your fragile items – safely and efficiently

As usual: You can save time and energy if you simply delegate those pesky packing chores to the pros! Packing your belongings is part of our service package! We can even bring along the required packing supplies! Contact us for your free moving quote!